Sunday, 8 January 2017

COMPUTER QUIZ 09/01/2017

1.Which of the following will translate images of text, drawings, and photos into digital form?
a. digitizer
b. modem
c. scanner
d. keyboard
e. None of these

2.Which part is the “brain” of the Computer?
a. CPU
b. Monitor
c. RAM
d. ROM
e. None of these

3.Something which has easily-un¬derstood instructions is said to be?
a. information
b. word processing
c. user friendly
d. icon
e. None of these

4.Information on a computer is stored as?
a. analog data
b. digital data
c. modem data
d. watts data
e. None of these

5.For creating a document, you use ________ command at File Menu.
a. New
b. Open
c. Document
d. Type
e. None of these

6.The blinking point which shows your position in the text is called?
a. Blinker
b. Cursor
c. Causer
d. Pointer
e. None of these

7.Where are programs and data kept while the processor is using them?
a. Main memory
b. Secondary memory
c. Disk memory
d. Program memory
e. None of these

8.Which of the following commands is used to select the whole docu¬ment?
a. Ctrl + A
b. Alt + F5
c. Shift + S
d. Can’t be done
e. None of these

9.The computer is made of which of the following hardware equip¬ments?
a. Monitor, CPU (Central Pro¬cessing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Software a. and Network
b. Monitor, CPU (Central Pro¬cessing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Programme and Net¬work
c. Monitor, CPU (Central Pro¬cessing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Printer and Modem
d. Monitor, CPU (Central Pro¬cessing Unit), Keyboard, Mouse, Applications and Net¬work
e. None of these

10.Sending an e-mail is same as?
a. writing a letter
b. drawing a picture
c. talking on phone
d. sending a package
e. None of these

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